At Waltonwagner, we believe that sustainable business is about more than just doing our thing for the environment and sponsoring charitable events.  To make a genuine difference at such an important time for our planet and our community, we have pledged to support and adhere to the PRIME Principles for sustainable business.

It is our intention that six simple Principles will come, in time, to serve as the backbone upon which our business is built, empowering our colleagues and ensuring that our families and children will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labours in generations to come.

Those Principles are:

1) Being Environmentally Better;
2) Embracing Sustainable Innovation;
3) Spreading the Word;
4) Delivering Impact;
5) Making a Difference; and
6) Being Accountable.



PRIME sustainability

We have started to look at ways that we can act upon these intentions, and we obtained our first Official PRIME Score in February 2022 and will be publishing our own progress against these aspirations.

The PRIME Principles do not offer a ‘set and forget’, or ‘checkbox’ opportunity for us to show off our sustainability credentials.  By their nature, they are tough, and achieving a high score is not going to be easy.  We absolutely aspire, however, for each of these six Principles to become pervasive within our culture as a business, so we’re going to try and make that so.

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