waltonwagner and Dendy Byrne Join Together for an Unforgettable Day’s Cycling at the Olympic Park

The Olympic experience that is open for all.


Cycling at the Olympic Park

If you’re looking for a “heart in the mouth” kind of experience, we thoroughly recommend an afternoon’s fixed-wheel cycling at the Olympic Velodrome. On Wednesday 1st March, we partnered with Dendy Byrne to host an event for our mutual client, The Crown Estate, and for the consultants who work with us on their projects.


The afternoon offered the opportunity to have exclusive use of the Hopkins Architects designed Velodrome. After an initial safety briefing we were allowed just over an hour on the track to acclimatise ourselves to the intricacies of riding fixed-wheel bikes. This combined with a track that is significantly steeper than it looks on the TV took quite a bit of getting used to, and it is credit to all 12 of our team that no one fell off. Interestingly, the faster you go the easier it is to ride the banks, but whatever you do, don’t look for any breaks. There aren’t any!


The hours practise session culminated in individual timed laps where we all went as fast as we possibly could. Andrew Smith from Dendy Byrne come first, James Bell from MSMR Architects come second and Andrew Nutt from The Crown Estate come third.


An afternoon tea, followed by drinks at a local pub gave us all the chance to relive our Olympic-type dreams on the fastest indoor track in the world. It also gave us a little more appreciation for the spectacular efforts of the 2012 Cycling team who won so many Gold medals. More importantly, the strength of the Olympic Legacy means that afternoons like these are possible for everyone to enjoy – we can’t recommend it enough.


waltonwagner cycling at the Olympic Park Nick Walton ready to go

Nick Walton ready to go

waltonwagner cycling at the Olympic Park

waltonwagner testing the track


waltonwagner on the big screen in the Olympic Park

waltonwagner on the big screen

waltonwagner cycling at the Olympic Park

Russell off to a good start

the Olympic Park cycle track in Lee valey

The Olympic Velodrome



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